Classic eyelash extensions

We refer it 1 on 1. Which really means one eyelash extensions glued on one natural lashes. We get to choose from different length, thickness, curl and even colors lashes! A trained and certified technician will help you to choose a set that matches with your eye shapes.

Due to everyone’s unique eye shapes, sometimes it is very hard to predict what are the outcomes.  We always try our best to help you choose what’s best regarding in look and also something that isn’t too heavy. Hence, a length and thickness that is suitable for your natural lashes and doesn’t ruin your lash cycle.

We only recommend full-sets, unfortunately we do not offer half-set. We can help you to choose a style that accommodate to your taste. Whether you like it natural or a little bit of a dramatic look. We want you to experience the full experience of having eyelash extensions and not just “half” of it. When you get a half-set, it can turned out very nice, however after a week or so, once the extensions start falling off, you will however start feeling sad and maybe just not worth it, since they don’t look as full and nice in such a short period of time.  Therefore, full-set is it all the way!