Eyebrows shaping for women

The first rule in how to shape your eyebrows is: you can only work with what you have.

You’ll have to work with what you currently have.  You can remove hair or use pencil to make them look fuller, but unfortunately you can’t instantly grow them.

On deciding on how to arch your eyebrows one of the most important part of designing the brows, is the features of our face.  Brow shapes have evolved over time and with changes in fashion. Remember those paper thin barely there eyebrows in the 90’s?

Don’t dig tweezers into skin to grab really short hairs.  Wait until it grows out in a couple of days for removal.  Improper tweezing may cause ingrown hairs and puckered skin.  Infection from unsanitary tweezers is also possible, thought uncommon.

Eyebrow hair tends to grow back much slower than the rest of your hair, thus making it important to avoid over plucking.

Getting your brows professionally groomed once per month will keep the shape in place and make it easier to see which hair needs to be removed as it grows in.