Eyelash Extension

We offer classic single stranded eyelash extensions and volume lashes.

We also carry different curl, length, thickness and even different colors to achieve and customize different looks and style for different eye shapes.

Everyone have unique eye shapes and results always come out differently. We always try our best to find a look that matches your eye shapes and to your liking, as long it doesn’t ruin your natural lashes.

The first appointment is always the most sensitive.  A natural set means differently to everyone.  If we missed by a little the first time, we can always change it up on your refill.  Whether it’s not thick or long enough or you want something closer to your natural look, it’s always doable. Even changing the curl is possible!

If you wonder “wouldn’t it look weird if it’s all mixed up?” No, we are trained to balance it out so that it will look evenly.  We will eventually transition it fully.

If you wish to get a volume refill over your classic extensions, it is also doable!