Lash Lift

What is a lash lifting?

Many of you have already heard the term lash lifting and compared it to a lash perm, and yes, it is a similar treatment as it helps to curl the natural lashes, but it also “lifts” the lashes, curving them gently upwards which gives the appearance of bigger eyes with longer and fuller lashes.

Unlike the lash perm which was popular a decade ago, lash lifting system does not use rollers but silicon shields to gently curve the lashes. Rollers were small and fiddly and it was difficult to perm the lashes without creating a dreaded kink in the natural lash.  Lash lifting is much more comfortable for the client.

Lash lifting is a fantastic treatment for clients who don’t like to wear lash extensions but can enjoy the natural look of curly lashes.

Take note that lash lifting is also a straightener for those who have naturally curly lashes and can actually make the appearance of longer and nicer lashes!

It is also a great treatment and highly recommended for those who love the super curly eyelash extensions look (doll look) but have very long and straight natural lashes.  Having a lash lift treatment before applying eyelash extensions can actually prolong the lash extensions period! The full length of the natural lashes will mold in to the lash extensions instead of just the tip of the roots!