Volume lashes

There are many different alias.  Volume lashes, 3D lashes, Russian volume lashes, etc

We refer it to 2+ on 1. More than one eyelash extensions is applied onto one natural lashes. We use very thin extensions and skillfully handmade fans into V or W shape and glued them onto one natural lash.  Is it too heavy? Is it harmful to your natural lashes?  Absolutely not.  The thickness and length used for volumes lashes are much more thinner and shorter versus what we would use for a classic set of eyelash extension.

Volume lashes is a great option for those with sparse natural lashes. It camouflages gaps and make it a much fuller look.

We refer it to 2+ because it can be up to 6 or 7 extensions, depending what thickness of extensions you are using and depending how thick is your natural lashes.

So much fluff!! So in love!