Who’s Katy and why choose Chez Love Your Lashes

I first heard of eyelash extensions back when they used to call it the “celebrity treatment” because it was so expensive and it was only available in Hollywood. Not only I know little about eyelash extensions, I thought it was more like implants (wrong!)

Fast forward to a couple years later, in 2009 when I had an opportunity to learn it. I fell instantly in love with it! I recall myself saying “whoever who invented this was a genius!”

The eyelash extensions industry has come a long way.  The misconception.  How extensions make your natural lashes fall off (false).  How extensions cause eye infections (false). Extensions last for 3 months (some but not all true). And the list goes on.  Because we knew so little of it, I always tried my best to learn more.  I was fascinated.

Today, we have medical and scientific backups.  This absolutely wonderful easy access thing that we call internet, is filled with wonderful information.

I’ve come a long way. As much as I loved the first set of eyelash extensions I applied on my first model (Julie B), now that I look back, I see how much I have improved.

I still take classes.  I still search the internet. I still look at pictures on Instagram and admire other lash technician’s art.

Why is my work different than other technicians? What is so different from my courses compare to other lash academy? I honestly am not too sure what you mean. I usually only concentrate on my own work.  I love what I do. I put a lot of effort to it. So, I don’t compare. I do get inspire though!

I don’t recommend you learn how to apply eyelash extensions from a video that you saw on YouTube nor an online course. For the love of lashes, please take a certified course that’s taught by an instructor who’s recognized by the Health Canada and also actually care what they are teaching you! I have heard way too many horror stories of technicians not knowing what they have learn, because the so-called instructor taught them at a discounted course of 2 days class with little knowledge.  Videos posted online are great to look at when you already know the foundation. And if you’re learning more from a video posted online than what you have learn from your instructor, please tell your instructor to retire. What I am teaching you today, might be a little bit different from what I have teach in classes a couple of years ago, due to how fast this industry is growing and how thing have changed.

You can find our course outline on our website

Oh! And why is it so much more expensive than other places?
We are located in a lovely studio in core downtown Montreal. It’s awesome. I painted the wall and decorated the studio all by myself (ok.. ok.. with some help.. lol).  Did I mention we only raised our refills by $5.00cdn in seven years? I know, it’s great right?! Our clients love our business cards too! They often ask me where I get them printed. I tried bargaining with my landlord for a free parking space, so that I don’t have to pay $17/day, but she said it wasn’t included. Sucks. I know. I wonder if I can afford to take an advance class this summer to keep up with the new trend and cool ideas for my clients.

That’s why we’re a little bit more expensive than other places.

Wake up Pretty Montreal!

-Love, Katy


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