Eyelash extensions glue

This post is mostly for professional lash artist.  Whether you are still new in the industry or have many years of experience, it’s always fun to learn new tricks! And if you are not a lash artist, still read on! You might be able to give your lash artist a few pointers!

As we know there are so many brands in the industry, how do we know which glue works the best?

The main ingredients in all glue are more or less the same, the difference can be the percentage of each ingredient. Each country also have their own regulation. The safest way is to ask for the MDMS of the glue from your supplier and contact your area’s health department.

Although the glue should not be touching the client’s eyelids, I ALWAYS recommend we do a patch test (behind the earlobe). We carry 5 types of glues at the studio. Although this is a very rare case for majority of the salons to have so many different types of glue, but you should at least carry 2 types of glue.

As a beginner lash tech, you might start with a glue that has a slow drying process. With much more experience and practices you will start realizing that your work pace and the glue drying time do not match anymore. Isolation is nice, perfect amount of glue yet the extensions are frequently stuck together. This probably means you are ready to start using a faster drying process glue.

Do take note that the faster the drying process, the lower the humidity should remain in the lashing area.

Every glue works differently for each lash tech. Depending on your pace, the humidity in the room and how fresh is the bottle of glue.

Remember that every time you open the bottle for a drop of glue, air bubbles goes in. The more you use it, the sooner you need to open a brand new bottle of glue. Many of the technicians try to use the bottle of glue as long as possible, which is a BIG NO NO. This can lead to many unpleasant situations. A spoiled bottle of glue can cause allergy reaction or glue not curing properly, so the extensions fall off must sooner than they normally would.

Remember to shake rigorously to mix the ingredients well before putting a small drop of glue on your jade or crystal stone. Use a new drop of glue every now and then, you will notice how smooth the application will be.

Don’t forget to store the glues properly when not in use.

If you wish to purchase a glue from us, we will help you to find the perfect glue for you. Please inquire at

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