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Lash lift correction



The first time she got a lash lift service was at our salon, she loved it!

The second time she got a lash lift service was at another salon, she wasn’t happy.

She described it as “messy and uncomfortable”.

She wasn’t able to wear any mascara, since her natural lashes were clumped together and if she did, the “clumps” were more noticeable.

What possibly went wrong during her appointment at the other salon?

  • the natural lashes weren’t properly applied onto the silicone pads (we confirmed with the client it was a silicone pad and not rods)
  • used a wrong silicone pad size ; it is way too curly, it curls inward that it is touching her eyelids which caused discomfort
  • wrong time frame; as you can see some of her natural lashes are singed at the tip of the natural lashes

Lash lift is much less complicated than eyelash extensions. Less after maintenance care as well. However, as a professional, we should still consider that each client’s need are different and should be customized as well.

How to determine what’s best for the client during a lash lift service?

  • the length and thickness of the client’s natural lashes
  • does she use a lash serum to strengthen her natural lashes
  • when was her last lash lift service

What exactly is a lash lift?

It is basically a lash perming service. What’s the difference?  A perm is when we use a rod to curl the natural lashes and a lash lift and when we use a silicone pad and just lift the base of the natural lashes to give it a a slight natural curl. Results are very different than using a lash curler.

A lash lift does not add thickness nor length to your natural lashes. But since we are lifting the base of the natural lashes, it opens up our eyes and it gives the illusion that our natural lashes actually appear longer. Looking back to the lash correction picture, as you can see instead of adding length to the natural lashes, since the service wasn’t properly executed, it made her natural lashes appear much shorter. After the correction, you can see how they look much longer and less messy.

A lash lift can last between 6-8 weeks more or less, depending on your natural lash cycle.

If you naturally have curly lashes, lash lift can be something you want to consider instead of getting an eyelash extensions.

Wake up pretty Montreal !

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