RRoir water-based eyeliner

It is annoying how much I love this eyeliner!

Black liquid eyeliner. Very black!
Water-based liquid eyeliner so it’s compatible for eyelash extensions.
It comes right off with water!!
Most importantly it’s smudge free!

My girls are constantly discreetly trying to signal me that my eyeliner is smudging. And honestly, I have no idea how long I had raccoon eyes until they tell me or when I finally see myself in the mirror. It had happened so much that I started wiping under my eyes and my eyelids without even looking in the mirror, because I already know it smudged.

I’ve tried many eyeliners! Expensive name brands to affordable brands. Nothing worked for me.  Honestly, I only tried this eyeliner twice, before I fell in love.  Because I didn’t have eyelash extensions myself, I didn’t think I would need a water-based eyeliner. I always thought waterproof would be the best. Until one day, while I was traveling, I forgot to bring an eyeliner and the only one I had with me was this eyeliner. So I used it, thinking in my head “it’s gonna smudge so easily, since it’s not waterproof”.
Not only it did not smudge. It was a dark black. Just the way I love it! I started testing it out. Counting the hours of how long I can wear it without smudging and fading.

The longest I tried was 17 hours. Flying from Montreal to Hong Kong with a layover and no sleep in a stuffy airplane. No smudge. How fantastic is that?!!!

This is the only eyeliner I use now. EVERYDAY.

Our price: $20.00+taxes

-Chez Love Your Lashes


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