Lash curler

Majority of us have at least one of these eyelash curler at home. Now, please take it out and examine it to see how many of us are not guilty and have a clean lash curler without having mascara residues stuck on it?

Recently someone called me in a panic, said she accidentally ripped off a chunk of her natural lashes and was wondering if she could come in ASAP for a set of eyelash extensions. She explained it happened when she was curling her eyelashes, it ripped off a big chunk. I automatically asked “was your mascara curler covered in dried mascara or perhaps you curled your lashes after applying mascara?” She said yes.

cropped lashes

please note that the picture above is not the same client mentioned, but a similar case and her set of eyelash extensions was not from our Studio, she came to see us for a refill. 

“I’m going to be very honest with you and tell you not to waste your money to come get eyelash extensions, because they won’t last.  I can do something about it now, but it’ll probably last a day if not only a few hours.” She was obviously in a panic mode and ask me why am I so sure without even seeing her.

Unfortunately, it is because we have encounter too many of these cases. My best advice to everyone is PLEASE CLEAN YOUR LASH CURLER!! The mascara build-up on your lash curler becomes sticky.  I am sure you have noticed a few times when it grabbed one or two lashes off.

If you are one the unlucky ones

  1. Clean your lash curler often or throw it out and buy a new one (for hygiene purposes)
  2. Let your natural lashes grow out, before you add more trauma to them.  Our natural lashes have a cycle of 45-90 days.  It may take months for them out properly but it will slowly grow back.
  3. You can try using a lash serum for a faster growth process.
  4. You may apply a strip lash to cover the gap for now, BUT! Make sure the strip lash isn’t glued too close to your lash line, you don’t want to rip off the remaining small natural lashes out!
  5. You are welcome to contact me for a set of eyelash extensions to camouflage the gap, once the natural lashes have grown enough for the extensions to not damage them.

Wake up pretty Montreal!



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