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I am lacking of words to express my gratitude towards all you amazing ladies who trust and appreciate my work.

It has been busy. Very busy.
Don’t get me wrong! I am not complaining. Au contraire, I am extremely grateful.

Many of you travels from different parts of the city to come downtown, fighting with traffic and struggling to find a parking spot. Yet, you still make that trip religiously to make sure you are lash perfect. Some also travels from different parts around the world to get their lashes done with me. (They are traveling through Montreal, so they try to book an appointment with me. I don’t have the influence to make them travel to Montreal just to see me [yet]) Ha!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see everyone, due to conflict of schedules. However, I am very flattered. Vancouver, Los Angeles, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Northen Quebec! Thank you!

Wake Up Pretty Montreal



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