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Lashes 101

A common question asked when clients call is “what type of lashes do you use?”. But I wonder do you even know what are the differences?

In this era, when we are looking for answers, we generally ask Mr Google man.

I’ve witnessed way too much lash technicians themselves don’t even know the difference and claim that they are a “Mink lash technician”.

First of all, due to import restrictions, real mink lashes are not allowed in Canada.  Nowadays, you can purchase almost anything online.  It doesn’t mean that it complies to Health Canada’s guidelines. So before you pretend you know what you’re talking about, and getting all annoyed that we don’t carry real mink lashes at our studio, because you read somewhere online that real mink lashes are the best of the best, please consider to ask for professionals advice.

Real mink or Siberian mink are basically animal furs. They are much lighter and thinner than synthetic lashes, which are made of poly-fibers. Because it is fur from an animal, you cannot choose the thickness of the “extensions”.  The curl doesn’t last as long, so you will need to either perm it or use a heated lash curler to curl them frequently.  Since it is much more thinner, the weight of the “extensions” will not damage your natural lashes. I only recommend it to someone who has a lot of natural lashes. Siberian lashes are very fragile and break easily. You’ll need to take very good care of them.

Synthetic mink lashes or faux mink are  high quality synthetic lashes that we are using at our studio. Synthetic mink lashes offer different thickness, length and curls to the extensions, to enhance the look of your eyes with whichever look you desire. Whether you just want thickness and fullness versus length or maybe a cat eye look to accentuate your features. The curl is almost permanent. It does wear off with daily wear and heat and/or steams. But the curl doesn’t actually fade off totally. Faux mink also has a nice glossy finish. This is the most popular type of lashes technicians use.

Silk lashes also offer different range of thickness, length and curls to the extensions.  It does not have that glossy finish and is slightly more flexible than the Synthetic mink lashes, which means the curl doesn’t last as long. Not as popular.

Still have questions and concerns? Feel free to leave a comment or email us I will answer it the best I can with all the knowledge I have about lashes and if you don’t know the answer, I will get the answer for you and me ! #alwayslearning

Wake up pretty Montreal!

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