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Volume lashes

What are the common mistakes that lash artist make when applying volume lashes?

The techniques are different!

Majority of the lash artist think that if you are capable of applying classic extensions you are capable of applying volume lashes. Instead of taking the time, the effort and investing in a good class of volume lashes, they watch online videos. Online search blogs with tips and how to. Those are great ideas to help you achieve a better set of volume lashes, but definitely not the fundamental way of starting.

Volume lashes is taking all over my social media posts and we have personally lash corrected many badly done set at our studio.

The application is different. The idea is different. The amount of glue is different. The amount of time spent is different.

Eyelash extensions is actually a very complex service.

Learn how to properly apply a good set of volume lashes, sign up to our volume lashes course coming up on October 1st and 2nd. Follow the link below for our course outline :

Volume lashes course

Wake up Pretty Montreal!

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