What are the risks for eyelash extensions?


Damaging our natural lashes is certainly the biggest concern for majority of the people who are getting eyelash extensions.

What are the causes? When eyelash extensions aren’t properly applied by a technician and the lack of hygienic care from ourselves, are usually the reasons.

Always try to make sure you do enough researches on the technician or the salon where you are going to book an appointment with. Unfortunately not all technicians are properly trained/certified. Lash extensions that aren’t properly applied can cause irritation, pain, clogged pores which leads to inflammation and infection and also premature lash shedding or permanent lost of lashes.

A set of lash extensions should not be painful and should be able to comb through it with ease with a mascara brush.

Hygiene is also an essential daily routine that nobody should skip. Getting eyelash extensions applied is just half the work from technicians, to keep our lashes clean and nice is our daily responsibility. Unhygienic lashes from make-up residues and natural oils can cause build ups which clogs our pores. Lash mite growth. Premature lash shedding leading to possibility of permanent lost of lashes.

If you are unsure how to keep those lashes clean, you can ask your technicians for tips.

We recommend you use a non-oily based foam cleanser.

If you wish to try our lash cleanser or buy a brush, you can contact us by email or drop by our lash studio Monday to Saturday 11am-6pm

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