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Hygiene and safety

As a consumer, we do researches to find the best places that offer eyelash extensions services at the most economic price.

As a technician, we also try to offer the best service at a reasonable price. Quality, location and comfort.

Recently, we have getting an incredible amount of emails and phone calls for poor applications from other technicians.

It’s summer, everyone is getting their lashes, finding great deals online. I saw as little as $20 a full-set. That doesn’t even cover the cost of the material, let alone the cleaning products, rent, hydro, internet, phone bills and insurance.

I contacted the minitère du santé de Canada, unfortunately the respond that I received from them was “For your concerns regarding poor practices of some technicians, Health Canada regulates cosmetics products; it does not regulate the services that involve the use of cosmetics.”

The only thing I can say is, please please please be more vigilant when choosing a lash technician/salon. And for those technicians with poor practices, please educate yourself. My motto is “you gotta spend money to make money!” Quality control, enrich your knowledge, hygiene and security.

Wake up pretty!



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