There’s no right or wrong, as long it’s healthy.


How do we determine what’s the best style and set for us?

Classic: 1 extension per natural lashes. We choose from a range of thickness, length and curl to create the look you’re looking for. Possible to create very natural set to a bold look.

Volume: Multiple thin extensions per natural lashes. Hand made fans created by our certified lash artists. Great for clients with sparse natural lashes. Also possible to create a natural look or a very glamorous fluffy set.

Hybrid: A mix of classic and volume look. Mix of a full fluffy with a bold add ons. Great option if you like the whispy style.

There is absolutely no right or wrong when it comes to eyelash extensions, as long it’s healthy. Each individual’s natural lashes and eye shapes are different. Depending how how thick and long your natural lashes are, we can customize a set that suits you best.

A reminder that because we all have a unique look, results differ from one person to another. You can show us as many pictures you’ve seen on the internet, but since that isn’t yourself, results aren’t going to be the same.

Sometimes, it may take more than a couple trials to find the style that suits us the best. Don’t give up! We’re here to help.

Wake up pretty!

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