Do not avoid cleaning your lashes. Don’t be afraid to brush and clean your lashes.

The misconception of thinking the more we brush and clean our lashes, the faster it’ll fall off.

Think of all the bacteria and make up residues clogging the pores. Keeping a healthy lash line is very important.

Unless you have an allergy reaction to the glue or the fiber extensions itself, eyelash extension does not cause eye infection. That is why, it is very important to have a glue test.

How do we clean the lashes?

We recommend you use an oil free foam wash to apply directly onto the lashes and gently wash the lash line. Clean the lashes two days after an application (this includes both full-sets and refills), to ensure the glue is fully cured. Using a cleaning brush would help get all the little crusts. Pat dry with tissue paper and remember to brush them nicely afterward. You can clean your lashes everyday! Especially if you are a heavy makeup wearer.

Highly recommend our lash shampoo that’s packed with many fruits and vegetables extracts. Bye bye eczema on the eyelids! Works like magic! It’s proven by our own clients and technicians!

Wake up pretty!

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